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The Houston real estate market saw across-the-board gains in June compared to June 2016. Sales increased on a monthly basis except for townhome / condominium sales which fell 7 percent.

Single-family homes inventory rose from a 3.9-months supply last June, to 4.4 months in June 2017. That is also an increase from 4.1 months in May 2017. Across the U.S., inventory is at a 4.2-months supply. The average days on the market fell to 50 days.

According to the latest monthly report prepared by the Houston Association of REALTORS® (HAR):

Month-to-Month Comparison:

CategoryJan. 2017Feb. 2017Mar. 2017Apr. 2017May 2017June 2017July 2017Aug. 2017Sept. 2017Oct. 2017Nov. 2017Dec. 2017
Total Property Sales4,9976,1118,4958,0149,7449,9938,8217,0778,1507,6147,2708,125
Total Active Listings34,95835,68537,92639,56741,25743,32644,29942,82240,84839,69237,91433,432
Single-Family Home Sales4,0804,9337,0136,5838,1568,4147,4405,9176,9136,3816,1846,875
Townhome/Condominium Sales379495652594715665572399470536481535
Single_Family Months of Inventory3.
Single-Family Pending Sales6,2866,9088,3118,3828,8088,3637,9406,2956,6067,2016,2185,413
Days on Market646660555150485054616162

Single-Family Sales by Price Range (Harris, Fort Bend, Brazoria, Montgomery & Waller Counties):

Price RangeJan. 2017Feb. 2017Mar. 2017Apr. 2017May 2017June 2017July 2017Aug. 2017Sept. 2017Nov. 2017Dec. 2017
$1 - $99,999167203217193227206202160192242247
$100,000 - $149,999575565732657776720666550587595647
$150,000 - $249,9991,3621,6842,3862,2532,7052,7612,5492,1662,5262,2692,298
$250,000 - $499,9991,1081,5392,1732,0552,5692,6522,2101,8692,1501,8492,134
$500,000 - $749,999210225368309439521396304358306369
$750,000 and above132162226253273335301222204188216

Year-to-Year Comparison:

  • Single-family home sales rose 8.3 percent year-over-year with 8,414 units sold;
  • Single-family home sales broken out by price range:
    • $1 – $99,999: decreased 12.1 percent
    • $100,000 – $149,999: decreased 10.7 percent
    • $150,000 – $249,999: increased 12.2 percent
    • $250,000 – $499,999: increased 11.5 percent
    • $500,000 – $749,999: increased 6.9 percent
    • $750,000 and above: increased 13.0 percent
  • Total property sales increased 8.3 percent with 9,993 units sold;
  • Total dollar volume jumped 10.4 percent to $2.9 billion;
  • Single-family homes months of inventory grew to a 4.4-months supply, the highest level since October 2012;
  • Days on Market for single-family homes fell slightly to 50 days versus 53 last year;
  • Townhome/condominium sales edged up 1.2 percent;
  • Leases of single-family homes jumped 17.4 percent with average rent down 4.0 percent to $1,806;
  • Volume of townhome/condominium leases rocketed 21.3 percent with average rent up 2.5 percent to $1,698.

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  • Check air conditioning and furnace filters monthly. Clean or replace dirty filters.
  • The AC compressor (outside) should be kept clear of debris and shaded from direct sun. The inside and/or outside coils need to be cleaned annually.
  • Raise the indoor temperature by 2-3 degrees during the summer. This can save 10-15% on the annual cooling bill. Limit the minimum thermostat control setting on the cooling system to 78 degrees.
  • Every one-degree increase or decrease in the indoor temperature, can save 4-7% on your cooling bill.
  • When a home is unoccupied for four hours or longer, the thermostat should be increased by 5 degrees.
  • Check air ducts for leaks. Use duct tape to seal any leaks. Leaks are commonly found between the register – the outlet into the room – and the duct.
  • Fill empty space in the refrigerator with water bottles to help run more efficiently.
  • Use ceiling fans and raise the thermostat setting to save on cooling costs.
  • Install reflective film or solar screens to reduce cooling bills. Solar screens, or mesh-like window screens, divert up to 70 percent of solar energy before it gets into the house.
  • Planting leafy trees around the home’s exterior will stop the sun from reaching inside your home. If the trees or shrubs shade your air conditioner, you could raise your air conditioners efficiency by up to 10 percent.
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