FSBO vs. Using a Realtor

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Many people think they can sell their home on their own – For Sale By Owner (FSBO). I am constantly being asked, “Why would I use a Realtor in this Seller’s market?” Why you ask? Selling a home takes a lot more time, energy and knowledge than just putting a sign in the front yard and accepting offers.

Yes, we are currently experiencing a Seller’s market, so MLS may not be that important to you today, but are you sure you can statistically figure out the highest and best price your house will most likely sell for? Are you shorting yourself by not being on MLS since you could have much more exposure and many more offers at a higher price? Can you do the marketing, make appointments for showings, receive feedback, negotiate the contract and repairs? Do you, the seller, know how to make sure you are fully protected when a contract is submitted and/or accepted? While pulling together your real estate transaction in a legal, binding way, are you still going to have time for yourself, your family or your job?

When selling one’s home often times we think we can do it all, but quite honestly we find out that is not the case. It takes a lot of time and work…. It is not as easy has putting a sign in the yard. Beyond the work, there is a great amount of emotion involved. It is very hard to separate a business transaction and the sale of a home that holds so many memories.

For other insights on selling your house on your own vs. a Realtor, please scroll down to see Ward Lowe’s, What the Internet Can’t Tell You.

If you are considering selling your house on your own, before doing so, please call Leslie Lerner Properties. We will list your home over $300,000 for a flat-fee of $4,500. Homes under $300,000 will be listed for 1.5%. We will also rebate 1 – 1.5% when purchasing a home. Call Leslie Lerner Properties today to learn more. 713.489.9900 Read more: Selling Your Home Buying Your Home

What the Internet Can’t Tell You
Ward Lowe | Consumer columnist
Apr. 11, 2013

Yesterday, I found a video online that showed how to build a metal suit like the one worn by crime-fighter Iron Man. Was the video interesting? Sure. Useful? Not at all.

There’s a lot of information like that on the Internet: interesting but not very useful. Take real estate information, for example. Have you looked up what the Internet says your property is worth?

Get ready for some interesting but not very useful information.

I tried two popular websites. While I expected some variation, I didn’t expect them to give me values $106,000 apart.
For an accurate picture of your property’s value, you need to contact a Texas REALTOR®. They have the market data necessary to calculate what your home is worth. But they can do much more than crunch numbers.

What website are you going to turn to when a buyer adds a contingency to his offer, or asks for an unreasonable-seeming concession?

Before you end up tied to a contract that’s not in your best interests, contact a Texas REALTOR®. When it comes to real estate, Texas REALTORS® are the experts who can help you with price, negotiations, and advice.

They may not know how to build Iron Man’s suit, but their information and advice will be far more useful.

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