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Housing Stats • Innovative Smart Home Products from CES 2019

Houston Housing Market Perks Up in February

The Houston housing market saw increased single-family home sales in February within most price ranges. Homes priced from $250,000 – $499,000 had the largest gain in sales. Single-family homes inventory remained the at a  3.7-months supply, while days on market inched up to 68 days.


Month-to-Month Comparison:

CategoryNov. 2018Dec. 2018Jan. 2019Feb. 2019Mar. 2019Apr. 2019
Total Property Sales7,4007,7095,0116,3888,4759,063
Total Active Listings40,53037,55438,87239,30441,12742,086
Single-Family Home Sales6,1596,5434,1005,2807,0727,586
Townhome/Condominium Sales484505329429542586
Single_Family Months of Inventory3.
Single-Family Pending Sales6,0525,1206,5287,3108,7409,467
Days on Market606465686457

Single-Family Sales by Price Range (Harris, Fort Bend, Brazoria & Montgomery Counties)

Price RangeNov. 2018Dec. 2018Jan. 2019Feb. 2019Mar. 2019Apr. 2019
$1 - $99,999164155155153188135
$100,000 - $149,999410455340392461438
$150,000 - $249,9992,2472,2491,4961,9052,4282,653
$250,000 - $499,9991,9172,1681,1641,6472,2752,543
$500,000 - $749,999290333169239345400
$750,000 and above200260107142238284

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After over a month in our new home, my wife, myself, and our dog are a very happy family and look forward to spending many years in our new house!

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– Bradley L.


Innovative Smart Home Products at CES 2019

Homes are getting “smarter” everyday. There were several new smart home innovations at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that won innovation awards.


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iCreation Facial Recognition Wifi Video Doorbell

The iCreation Facial Recognition Wifi Doorbell is your personal gatekeeper to a connected home. It can recognize faces, play custom greetings and record voice memos for your guests. All of these are designed to make the welcome process simpler, more secure and enjoyable.

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Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch with Voice Assistant
TP-Link Research America Corp.

The Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch with Voice Assistant turns an ordinary light switch in the bathroom, pantry, garage, or kid’s room into a 2-in-1 smart switch and smart speaker.

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Intellithings Ltd.

Personalized Room-Level Automation for Smart Homes. RoomMe Identifies who’s in a room by Smart Phones and automates lights, temperature and other room settings to the preferences of the actual people in it.

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Mookkie™ is the A.I. powered pet bowl. Mookkie™ visually recognizes the associated pet and opens the flap to feed exclusively him or her. Associated to one pet also with a personalized style, Mookkie™ protects the food from domestic “food thieves” assuring to its pet the right amount of daily food.

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Laïka is a life companion for dogs, based on a mobile robot, autonomous and intelligent. It is equipped with a camera, a microphone and a loudspeaker so owners can interact with their dog from anywhere using an app. Laïka also incorporates a treats tosser in order to reward & educate dogs.

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Sutro Smart Water Monitor
Sutro Connect

Sutro’s Smart Water Monitor is the simple, safe, and hassle-free way to monitor the quality of your pool or spa. Our patented sensor measures water chemistry (pH, free chlorine, alkalinity, etc.) in real-time, notifies you if your chemistry is off, and auto-delivers chemicals to your door. Sutro makes it easy to love your pool/spa again.

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uReflect is the first connected touch-mirror fully customizable. With a unique operating system and store, any user can add their favorite applications. Once added, they can access their customized dashboard thanks to the facial recognition.

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The ONE Piano Hi-Lite
The ONE Music Group

The new ONE Piano Hi-Lite 3.0 is a first-ever learning device that provides an intuitive way to learn and play piano by transforming any standard 88-key piano or keyboard into a smart one that can help users start playing in a few minutes using the ONE Smart Piano app and other MIDI-supported apps.

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Lockly Secure Pro Deadbolt Edition

Lockly Secure Pro is the world’s most secure, and advanced smart lock solution. Utilizing the patented PIN Genie (™) Technology, the Lockly Secure Pro features the world’s first secure digital touch screen making it virtually impenetrable.